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SN08 - PC5
To: PC5000/5100 controller users
Re: Mysterious problems

The PC5100 tool controller uses several EEPROM's in it's design. By their nature, these devices degrade with time and the number of read/write cycles is finite. Symptoms of EEPROM degradation include:

  1. Can't store or read a recipe step paramater (power/flow/etc),
  2. Blinking LED's that should not be on,
  3. Software lock up,
  4. Random device activation (this is a safety issue!)
So far, there are only two solutions to this problem:
  1. Replace the EEPROM chipset, or,
  2. Replace the old 6800 controller with a more modern Windows PC unit (see New Products: APC-1000)
Please report any problems that you are currently experiencing with an older PC5000/5100 so that we can assist you with determining which chipset you need.

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