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Versatile coating system  for thin film research and development


The Penta-PVD series is a compact and highly flexible range of deposition systems which allow the user complete freedom to reconfigure the equipment to suit their current experimental needs or for a future change of direction.

The system can be purchased at the most basic level and later upgraded to a sophisticated deposition and analysis tool as funds allow.

All upgrades are designed to be simple for users to implement, cutting down on unnecessary installation expense.

Available sources include:  Sputter, E-Beam , Low Temperature Organic and Thermal Evaporation.

Options available such as; quartz crystal monitoring, RGA, OES, and heated, cooled, rotating or static sample stages.



- Sample preparation

- R & D development of new coatings

- Electrical contacts

- Sputter deposition

- Teaching and training

- Lift-off

For more information—Please contact us:

Phone: (408) 855-8686

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