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Ideal Vacuum Cube


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Modular High-Vacuum Chamber System


The Ideal Vacuum Cube was conceived to enable creativity and design flexibility in vacuum chamber system construction.

Cubes can be stacked together into various shapes and configurations, with interchangeable plates offering a variety of features for connections, windows, and feedthroughs.

Plates include a standard 1" optical pattern for easy connection of hinges, posts, mounts, lenses, polarizers, and other accessories.



- Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Devices and Experiments

- Thermal Vacuum & Altitude Testing

- Vacuum Degassing Chamber

- High Power and Ultra Short Pulsed Lasers Research and Development

- Ion Acceleration & Beamlines

- RGA (Residual Gas Analyzers), Spectroscopy, Molecular Ion Trap

- Helium Leak Testing of Hermetic Sealed Devices With Welded In Helium Atmosphere

- Leak Detection Of Pharma Packaging

- Cryostat Vacuum Chamber

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