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TT-150-RIE/CVD Product Detail



AGS TT Plasma Systems Provide All of
These Features on a Single Platform

TT-150-RIE/CVD Bench-Top Plasma Tool


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• RIE, PECVD, and Plasma Etch systems are all
built on a single, easy to use platform, ensuring
low maintenance, training, and operational costs
as your technology requirements expand.

• Reconfigure chamber components, materials,
and feed gases to provide more process
capabilities and technologies over time as you
requirements change.

• Experienced staff provides an exceptional
technical resource for new process development
activities to ensure your new processes are
developed ahead of schedule and below cost.

• Small footprint, bench top design requires
minimal clean room space.

• Simple process controller ensures fast learning
curve for new users, while providing exceptional
process control and capabilities.

• Our company’s customer service, engineering,
and support services ensure your success,
including unlimited phone/email support, full
customer training and complete factory testing
and qualification prior to system shipment.

• Combine Plasma Etch and PECVD processes on
a single system to keep capital costs low.

For more information—Please contact us:

Phone: (408) 855-8686

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