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PECVD Product Detail

A versatile multi-process PECVD tool with flexible controls and excellent uniformity - all for low price.

If you need reliability time after time when depositing low temperature films, the MPS Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition tool offers you the best value. Excellent process control and trouble-free operation can be yours.

Product Summary

MPS-PECVD Features

  • Modular Design for Ease of Maintenance
  • Single or Dual Chamber
  • Batch or Single Substrate
  • Small Foot Print
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum Process Chambers
  • Cost Effective Process Solution
  • Automatic Process Controller using Windows®
  • MPS-XX0-PECVD available in 50-150, 200, & 300 mm versions
  • Manual load or a variety of vacuum load locks are available.

  • The MPS series is also available as an OEM module to integrate to existing system platforms.
  • High performance PECVD at a low cost
  • SiO2, SiNx, Amorphous Si, Oxynitride and carbon films
  • Low temperature passivation and ILD films for III-V and HTSC compounds
  • Configure as PECVD or ICP deposition tool
  • Safe, rugged design means high reliability with remarkable uptime
  • Low hydrogen containing films assured by using residual stripping cryo pump
  • Mixed frequency and pulsed RF options for stress control
  • Closed loop (PID) control of deposition temperature
  • Unique "Direct-Connect" construction is easy to service or upgrade
  • Easy to use and simple to service

Delivery: 90 days ARO
Warranty: 1 year parts & labor
Installation: Start up & training are available with the system
Service: Extended warranty &  PM's can be included

MPS-200-PECVD —  Plasma Vapor Deposition


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