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Automatic Process Controller

Here are the details about how our PC based process controller can increase your plasma system's productivity:

The all new APC-2000 automation system is an open system using an industrial PC running in the familiar Windows GUI environment. Since standard components are used throughout, it is simple to maintain and upgrades are easily performed. Our optional PlasmOps(tm) software uses the feature rich, powerful, and easy to use Visual Basic language so you have full control of your automation system. And, since it is running under Windows, you can link to other applications for the ultimate in connectivity!


Computer system image


Designed for Plasma Systems by AGS Plasma

Automatic Process Controller

The APC-2000 controller design automates your plasma system with an easy to use MS-Windows based industrial PC platform. Controls for all system operations and process modules are driven by rugged multi-function I/O modules that simply plug into the Ethernet.

Industrial Rack-mount CPU

Take advantage of unlimited recipe combinations to achieve the maximum processing capability from your plasma system. With the open architecture of our PlasmOps plasma system operating software (based on Microsoft's powerful Visual Basic), you can customize the software to suit even your most demanding requirements.

Benefits of the APC-2000 are worth looking at:

APC System Components

The APC control system consists of three modules and a monitor:

  1. APC-2000 industrial CPU
  2. Auxiliary power supplies
  3. Remote I/O enclosures

APC Block DiagramAPC System Block Diagram

PlasmOps Software Advantages

The operator screens available with our PlasmOps software utilize easy to use, intuitive "GUI" techniques. Now you can simply point and "click" to use your system.

PlasmOps features include sophisticated control and data logging functions

Conceptual PlasmOps screen shows how easy it will be to use your plasma systems - just point and click!

(click on the image to see a full color Operate screen for a real RIE application)

APC-2000 Plasma Process Controller Technical Specifications

         CPU Module is an industrial, 1U form factor rack mount, force air cooled, EMI/RFI shielded enclosure

         Pentium CPU, 1GB, 120GB HD, FD, CD-RW, 250W P/S

         Keyboard w/Touchpad & Monitor included

         Windows XP OS & MS-Works™ (or similar) is included

         16 to 32 Channel analog inputs

         8 to 16 Channel analog outputs

         24-88 Digital In/Out channels

         Options: RAM, TFT or touch screen, printer, remote terminal support, cryo pump adapter, serial drivers, custom software, and many others


Auxiliary power supplies (15V & 24V) are safely contained in shielded enclosures. Fully regulated, .05% precision, low noise, low RFI, supplies are used to drive controllers and solenoids. Each supply is individually fused for safety and approved by UL/TUV and CE marked.


Remote I/O modules contain high current terminals needed to connect up to 136 I/O points your system

- Ethernet connection to each I/O base module – Can even be run off a laptop!

- Spring clamp connectors are used on the I/O modules for easy attachment to any system's harness


Applications software can include any of the following choices:

A - Use our turnkey PlasmOps software to control your system. PlasmOps is an open architecture, easy to use, flexible control language based on MS-Visual Basic

B - Write your own software using BASIC, PASCAL, or C

C - Use one of the many data acquisition packages available (LabView, etc.)

Unleash the possibilities! Move up to the power of the APC-2000 Automatic Process Controller.

We are here to help you improve your valuable plasma processing tools.

Call today for details about how we can help you!

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